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A Angoulême, la BD sud-coréenne agace le Japon

A Angoulême, la BD sud-coréenne agace le Japon

Korea Special Exhibition about ‘Comfort Women’ is featured at French Newspaper, ‘Liberation’


Angouleme Comic Festival, ‘ComfortWomen’ issue press conference suddenly Cancelled by Festival Committee’s request.

In 2014 Angouleme Comic Festival,Cartoons about former Korean sex slaves to the Japanese military during World War II will be exhibited. Some 20 cartoons and four videos including animations by local artists telling tragic stories of the former sex slavery victims will be featured in a special exhibition of the 2014 Angouleme International Comics Festival. Minister of gender equality and family plans to promote a special exhibition of Korean cartoons themed on Asian victims of the Japanese military’s sexual enslavement during World War II. The exhibition is part of the 2014 Angouleme International Comics Festival scheduled for Jan. 30-Feb. 2 in the southwestern French city of the same name.

However, the scheduled press conference meeting, inviting French newspapers and popular celebrities was suddenly cancelled  a day prior by the request of Angouleme International Comics Festival Committee. The Committee informed that the Committee would cancel the special exhibition of ‘Comfort Women’ if the press meeting were held.

It was strongly suspected that behind this sudden, unexpected request of the Festival Committee was driven by the pressure of Japanese government. Japan is the biggest financial contributor of ‘Angouleme’ Festival. Japanese government vehemently protested initially when the special exhibition for ‘Comfort Women’ was announced at ‘Angouleme’ Festival.

It is really sad and feels helpless to see that Japanese government tries every bit of their power to hide and squash Japan’s atrocious act during the war rather than acknowledge and apologize to its victims.

By Justice for Comfort Women.org

Seoul to present ‘comfort women’ issue at manga festival in France


SEOUL–At the initiative of the South Korean government, a special exhibition devoted to the painful “comfort women” issue will feature at one of Europe’s leading manga festivals that gets under way this month.

More than 20 manga and anime works depicting the ordeal these women faced will go on display at the Angouleme festival in France.

“Comfort women” is a euphemism for women forced to provide sex for Japanese soldiers before and during World War II.

Many of the women were from the Korean Peninsula, which was a Japanese colony from 1910 to 1945.

“We expect the works to help a wider range of people become aware of the tragedy of comfort women and the seriousness of wartime sexual violence,” said Cho Yoon-sun, minister of gender equality and family, in announcing the decision Jan. 14. “We hope they will move the hearts of people around the world.”

The manga and anime works, all created by South Korean artists, will be exhibited under the theme of “Flowers that never fade.” The festival will start Jan. 30 and continue through Feb. 2.

Working with Amnesty International, Seoul is determined to have Japan come to terms with this festering sore in their shared history.

The problem is complicated because Tokyo says the issue was resolved under a bilateral agreement on rights to compensation claims that was signed when the two countries normalized their diplomatic relations in 1965.

At President Park Geun-hye’s initiative, the South Korean government late last year opened the first government-led exhibition themed on comfort women in Seoul to urge Japan to make aggressive efforts to “settle” the issue.