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U.S. Supreme Court rules in favor of Glendale’s ‘comfort woman’ statue

Arirang NewsSupreme court dismisses the appeal of removing the ‘comfort women’ statue.


Comfort women victim passed away..

On June 11,2015,two more victims of Japanese military sexual slavery during World War II – 81-year-old Kim Oi-hwan and 91-year-old Kim Dal-seon – died within half an hour of each other Thursday evening.

The two died without getting a proper official apology from the Japanese government to the “comfort women,” a euphemistic term for the tens of thousands of young women and girls forced into wartime military brothels by the Japanese Imperial Army.

Kim Oi-hwan, the youngest of the surviving Korean victims, passed away on Thursday around 8:40 p.m. of chronic illness at a hospital in Gwangju, Gyeonggi.

Born in Andong, North Gyeongsang, she was forced into sexual slavery in Hokkaido just before the end of World War II in February 1945 at the tender age of 11. She was released after the war and married a man who also returned to Korea after being conscripted to work in Japan. The two settled in Andong and had five children.

In late 2012, Kim moved to the House of Sharing, a home for the sex slave victims in Gyeonggi. She suffered from emotional trauma from the violence she suffered during her time in the brothels and had trouble walking because of a knee problem. Her husband, who remained in Andong, visited her once a month.

A little over 30 minutes later on the same day, another victim from the same province, Kim Dal-seon, passed away at 9:15 p.m. at a hospital in her hometown of Pohang, North Gyeongsang, of natural causes related to old age.

Kim was kidnapped by a Japanese police officer at the age of 19 in 1943 while she was selling fish at a market with her mother. She was dragged onto a boat headed to Myanmar.

Because of the abuse she endured as a sex slave, she eventually had two surgeries on her uterus and even attempted suicide. She did not initially even know that the war ended in 1945 and continued to be used by the Japanese military. Eventually she got on a boat to Busan, where she stayed for two years recovering her health.

In 1947, she returned to her parents in Pohang but lost her father and male siblings during the Korean War. She made her living selling rice, fish and vegetables. She didn’t marry until she was nearly 50, and lived with her husband in Daegu until he passed away from complications of diabetes.

She received care at a nursing home in Daegu for the past several years before she moved back to Pohang to spend the remaining years of her life.

The deaths bring the total number of Korean survivors of wartime sexual slavery to 50. A total of 238 former sex slaves were officially registered with the government.

Minister of Gender Equality and Family Kim Hee-jung on Friday paid respects to the two women’s families at their wakes on Friday.

“An apology when there are no more victims alive will be meaningless,” she said in a statement. “If there is no apology while they are alive, the

The U.S. House of Representatives members urge Japan to apologize(C-SPAN Video Footage)

Rep. Steve Israel : Speech from 30:35

Rep. Bill Pascrell:  Speech from 41:47

Rep. Charles Rangel : Speech from 44:57

Rep. Mike Honda : Speech from 47:25

Forget her not….. : My name is Kim Bok-soon(2014)

The revised performance of ‘My name is Kim Bok-soon’, the dance performance received great reception among critiques and general audience. With the Korean traditional song, ‘Arirang’, as a background music, the performance narrated the life of a comfort woman before she was abducted and after her soul got damaged. The performance ends up with a hope.


Choreographer, Jung-hoon Ahn
Choreographer, Jung-hoon Ahn

photo 3-14

photo 1-16

Main choreographer: Jung-hoon Ahn


               Hyung-sup Kim, Myung-hoon Chung, Hye-yeon Han, Sun-hee Cho, Ka-ram Yo, Hyun-suk Lee, Hyun-kon Cheon,

               Byoung-hee Choi, Hyun-sang Yoo, Myoung-seong Kwon, Ye-rin Lee, Da-hye Yoo, Joo-ae Lee, Ji-yoon Chung, 

               Su-jeong Hwang, Sol Han, Jung-in Hong, Ji-hyun Ha, Ha-rang Choi

Performed at the National Theater of Seoul, S.Korea

Cast of “Comfort” performs theatrical poem at Union City monument dedication


Cat J. Lane performed a theatrical poem from the play “Comfort” at the “Comfort Women” monument dedication ceremony in Union City on Monday..

Accompanied by 12-year-old Subin Lee on the harp, the poem brought tears to several eyes in the audience, in which two survivors of the time period were present.

The play aims to raise awareness of abused of women around the world and is playing at the Jewel Box Theatre in New York City and the Lincoln Center. During World War II, thousands of women were taken from Korea and forced into sex slavery by the Japanese Imperial Army.