The End of the Tunnel, or translated from Korean, “the Grandmothers’ Tomorrow”, is an art gallery, hosting the many photos of the current lives of the comfort women, and memorials of the late women. The gallery shines a light on how comfort women are now leading a better life, and how they deserve a better future. The issue of comfort women must be addressed in international society, but promising a bright future for the victims is also a priority. Nowadays, the women live happily, in the “House of Caring,” or “나눔의 집” in Korean.

2019-08-14 23.21.12
Japanese ‘Comfort Women’ victims: The End of the Tunnel
2019-08-14 23.21.17.jpg
The cover poster, with the photos of some of the victims.

2019-08-14 23.21.20

2019-08-14 23.22.32.jpg
Photos of the life of the women
2019-08-14 23.22.24.jpg
Entrance to the gallery

On the last note, the interviews below are our final thoughts on what we experienced visiting this gallery.