Fullerton supports ‘comfort women’ apology

FULLERTON – The city gave its support Tuesday night to a House of Representatives resolution that asks Japan to acknowledge and apologize for forcing Korean women into sexual slavery during World War II.
A bill co-authored by 39th District Rep. Ed Royce and passed unanimously in 2007, recognizes the plight of so-called “comfort women,” sex slaves used by the Japanese army in World War II.
Acting on a recommendation of the Korean American Forum of California, a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness about comfort women, the City Council, by a 3-2 vote Tuesday, supported the resolution.
Council members Doug Chaffee, Greg Sebourn and Jennifer Fitzgerald voted to support the resolution.
“I see this as a statement on human trafficking and the damage it causes,” Sebourn said. “It’s not about the Japanese government or the Korean government. … It’s about humanity.”
Bruce Whitaker and Jan Flory turned in the dissenting votes.
“While I certainly condemn the acts that led to comfort women being exploited during World War II … I think it’s inappropriate for a city council to weigh in on it,” Whitaker said.
Dozens of Korean and Japanese citizens filled the Council Chambers. Comments, were split among the dozen or so who addressed the council.
“It’s only to acknowledge so it is not repeated,” said Phyllis Kim of the Korean American Forum.
Those opposed said facts regarding comfort women are distorted.
“It creates prejudice and wrong ideas about certain populations,” said Amy Watanabe, a social worker from Chino Hills.
In the coming months, the Fullerton Museum Foundation will vote on whether to display a monument honoring comfort women as part of an exhibit on the issue scheduled for 2015.

By Lou Ponsi, Orange County Register News


3 thoughts on “Fullerton supports ‘comfort women’ apology”

  1. Ed Royce is not a real fighter for human rights, but a politician who flatters a political Korean lobby for votes in the next election. He always turns his face away from the inconvenient truth, Korean comfort women enslaved for the US military and the Korean Government itself during and after the Korean War, and he has never tackled it seriously. He is not a real peace maker. He just stirs up ill feeling and unnecessary tension between ethnic residents in the name of human rights, only for his political points. A memorial on public land would be better to address the general case of comfort women not the one specific to the Japanese treatment of Korean women. I am sure that more cases can be found in the many wars the USA has fought. We should not be a hypocrite. And please read the following article by Washington Post on Aug.19, 2014. It criticizes politicians like Ed Royce for pandering extremely to Korean political lobby for votes.

    1. Ed Royce is a career politician that simply smiles for the camera and plays the big business RHINO, anti immigration, war drum rain dance theme song. He along with the Fullerton City Council were just playing the Koreans for votes at the expense of the Japanese. If Ed Royce gave a rats backside about Human Rights, he would have never signed the NDAA and would have invaded North Korea long ago.

  2. Korean efforts of building comfort women memorials all over the United States are disgusting and outrageous.

    Koreans have had a long tradition of selling the first born daughter into prostitution in order to feed the rest of the family. I wonder if Americans feel sympathy for Koreans and building monuments with such knowledge. As they were sold by their own parents, there are no protests or eyewitness records by their own parents (or any other third party) alleging that their daughter was abducted by the Japanese police/military.

    Besides, during the Annexation Era, nearly 90% of policemen were Koreans and 80% of local parliament representatives were Koreans. Did those Koreans allow the Japanese police/military to take 200,000 young women to brothels? Are you saying Korean men were so chicken weaklings to see their women were taken by foreign people? At least Japanese men often resorted to fist-fights during the occupation by US Army.

    Americans should ask themselves if this blame-shifting and smear campaign of baseless slander by Koreans is a right thing to do.

    False Accusations of Comfort Women

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