The Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation is to stage a protest this week to demand a formal apology and compensation from Japan for having driven thousands of women — known as “comfort women” — into sexual slavery before and during World War II.
As part of its continued campaign to have Japan formally apologize for atrocities committed during the war, the foundation has planned a rally on Thursday in front of the Taipei office of Interchange Association, Japan, as in previous years.
At the rally, each protester is to have the opportunity to verbalize an individual call for Japan to formally apologize and offer compensation to surviving comfort women, the group said.
Meanwhile, the group is encouraging the public to write messages or draw pictures that convey their feelings to the Japanese government and lend support to survivors.
The messages and drawings can be sent to the foundation to be used to produce large banners and animations to later go on display at a related exhibition, it said.
The foundation said it is also raising funds for the exhibition, which is to be held in cooperation with Hong Kong artist Phoebe Man.
Over the past two decades, the foundation has been dedicated to helping Taiwanese comfort women cope with their mental anguish, and seek justice and compensation from Japan.