“Comfort”, the new play about a comfort woman at Lincoln Center in New York



The Hudson Fine Arts Foundation & The Grace Theatre Workshop,Inc. will be presenting the provocative new play, “Comfort”, on Monday, August 4th and Friday, August8th at The Bruno Walter Auditorium@Lincoln Center in New York city. Special guests at the Monday, August 4th performance were Ok-sun Lee and Il-chul Kang two South Korean victims from World War2(“Comfort Women”), as well as other dignitaries.

“Comfort” deals with the horrific acts of violence towards ” Comfort Women” or “Sex slaves” by the Japanese during World War 2. The Japanese government would kidnap young girls as young as 14 years old from various countries including china and Korea and send them to their soldiers in the battlefield to “comfort” them. Details from some survivors attest to being raped fifty to two hundred times a day. But, more so, the play dares to bring forth the difficult subject of sex trafficking and physical abuse of women world-wide. The current political issues around this topic are expressed through movement and straight dialogue. 





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