My name is Kim, Bok-soon, Part2

Background Info:

The dance performance, “My name is Kim, Bok-soon”, is based on the music, “Arirang”, registered as UNESCO World Heritage culture in 2012.

The performance depicts the pain and sorrow of a comfort woman whose life was taken unexpected turn when she was forced to live as a sex slave under the Japanese Army during the World War2.

The performance wants to show there has been a dream and happiness once, and still, after all atrocious event, the life of Kim,Bok-soon should be acknowledged with warm applause..and hopes the justice is on the way to amend her heart..


8 thoughts on “My name is Kim, Bok-soon, Part2”

  1. This dance was very touching to me and I hope that people all around the would see this video and help the Comfort Women to get an apology from the Japanese people.

  2. 감동적인 작품입니다..
    그시절 소녀들의 아픔에 가슴이 무너지네요.
    내이름 김복순!!!
    그시대 많은 김복순들에게 힘이되길 바랍니다…

  3. This music and dance were absolutly superb and i could not take my eyes off it. I feel really sympathetic about the Comfort Woman and the world should recognize what really happened and what Japanese did to innocent women during the Japanese colonial period.

  4. That is really touching. I believe that this should be watched by every sigle person in the glove. Thank you for giving me the real lesson.

  5. must see!! not even a single movement by performer should be ignored or undervalued.. try to see through what the true message is

  6. This was so fantastic to me and unforgettable. I would like to recommend this video to every friend sharing the enthusiastic moment with this performace. I also want to give the best compliment to the performer.

  7. This beautiful performance was re-coreographed and performed on the stage at the National Theater recently. The new performance will be uploaded on the blog this weekend. Hats off to the performers who did excellent job!

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