Korean president Park thanks U.S. law makers to help with comfort women issue

Korean president Park thanks U.S. law makers to help with comfort women issue

President Park Geun-hye sat down for talks with U.S. lawmakers on Tuesday, and used the opportunity to highlight unresolved issues surrounding Japan’s use of sex slaves during World War Two.
Meeting a group led by U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce, the president said just 55 of Korea’s sexual slavery victims, better known as “comfort women,” remain alive today.
President Park thanked Royce for taking the lead in Congress in support of Korea’s efforts to resolve historical issues with Japan, and for visiting a comfort women memorial in Glendale, California.
Representative Royce expressed support for President Park’s vision for reunification with North Korea, saying it would pave the way to provide new opportunities for the North Korean people.


2 thoughts on “Korean president Park thanks U.S. law makers to help with comfort women issue”

  1. Ed Royce is not a real fighter for human rights, but a politician who flatters a political Korean lobby for votes in the next election. He always turns his face away from the inconvenient truth, Korean comfort women enslaved for the US military and the Korean Government itself during and after the Korean War, and he has never tackled it seriously. Why isn’t the Korean American community arguing against it ? Why is he tolerating American and Korean defenders of rape while criticizing the imperial Japan of 70 years ago? He is not a real peace maker. He just stirs up ill feeling and unnecessary tension between ethnic residents in the name of human rights, only for his political points. Please read the following article by Washington Post on Aug.19, 2014. It criticizes politicians like him for pandering extremely to Korean political lobby for votes.

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